• Swim Spa Install

    Electric connection only

  • Garden Lighting

  • LED Window Cards

  • Office Power & Data Trunking

  • Cable Tray Install - pre wiring

  • Cable Tray Install - whilst wiring

  • LED Moduler Panels - mid install

  • LED Moduler Panels - mid install

  • LED Moduler Panels

  • LED Moduler Panels & Track Lights

  • LED Wall Wash Lighting

  • Garden Lighting

  • Rogue works

    Completed by a chap claiming to be a registered 'electrician'

  • Rogue works

  • Rogue works

  • Rogue works

    Earth sleeved live but connected to earth in the consumer unit

  • Burnt out nuetral

    Loose connections left unchecked are potential fires

  • DIY consumer unit install

    Open top surface on consumer unit and un-glanded armored cable

  • Builder played 'electrician'

    Downlight installed IN the floor timber - fire hazard

  • DIY armoured cable install

    Not how you gland an armoured cable

  • Broken Junction box

    Live cores exposed in roof after box dropped on cable joint

  • Un-fused cable supplying thatch property

  • Registered 'electrician' bodge job

    Loose connection melted cable to cover

  • Carpenter jointed damaged cable in roof

EICR - Electrical test & inspection

Electrical inspections should be carried out periodically to ensure the continued safety of your installation and your loved ones.
  • Domestic property - every 10 years
  • Domestic rental - every 5 years OR change of tenancy.
  • Commercial - 3 or 5 years depending on use
  • Industrial - every 3 years

To the left is a small selection of images from EICR's collected since I started on my own.

Electric underfloor heating

Electric under floor heating is a great way to remove the chill from a tiled floor in a bath or shower room
  • Before

    Underfloor heating element and insulation.

  • After - finished floor

  • Under floor heating controls

Smoke Detection

Preventing fire is not always assured, so having the right technology to detect and alert you to fire is essential for protecting assets and saving lives.

By fitting a fully wired interconnected system you greatly increase the chance of being made aware of an issue as it arrises giving you chance to take the appropriate action.

Alternatively if a fully wired system is not an appropriate option then a radiolink system will give you the same coverage but without the need to lift floors to pull cables.

Did you know Smoke detectors have an EXPIRY DATE? When did you last check the date on yours? smoke detectors only have a life line of 10 years.

Bath & Shower room Electrics

Not all electric showers can just be replaced with a more powerful unit, you should always have an electrician check the cable size and suitability before going ahead. Bathroom lights are also a sticky subject as they must be suitable and have an IP rating of IPx4 or higher.

Other works available

  • TV, SAT & phone line installs
  • Security lighting
  • Garage & outbuilding supply's
  • Electric shower installs & replacement
  • Electric cooker installs & changes
  • Night storage heating
  • Smoke & Carbon monoxide alarm instalations
  • Garden lighting
  • Fault finding & repair
If the job you need doing  isn't listed we may still provide your required service please call to enquire
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