• Disconnected earth bonds?

    An unregistered 'electrician' had relocated the consumer unit and not connected the earth bonds

  • Behind the giveaway earth bonds

    This is why only competent registered electricians should be used.

  • IP ratings? IP XXD required

    The minimum gap allowed on the top of a consumer unit is 1mm square.

  • After - 17th edition Amd3 upgrade

    Replaced consumer unit and crimp joints encased in PVC trunking.

  • Rogue work corrections - South Brent

    Before - No earth connection, single insulated cores, no armored glands etc.....

  • Rogue work corrections - South Brent

    After - All up to standard

  • Rogue work corrections - South Brent

    Before - No earth connection (SNE terminal empty)

  • Rogue work corrections - South Brent

    After - Both properties earthed, all earth connections labled and tidy etc....

It is incredibly important to ensure electrical safety at all times and sadly due to some peoples negligence this isn't always the case. As you can see from the images on the left what 'should' be done and what 'is' done are often a universe apart.
  • Consumer unit upgrade required

    No RCD, an unreliable earth and wooden board etc....

  • Earth leakage trips

    They where unreliable in the 60's when fitted but have since failed

  • 17th Edition Amd3 Upgrade

    Installation fully upgraded with new earth stakes RCBO protection on all circuits and metal consumer unit.

Sometimes upgrades are needed as with above and when done properly they look neat and tidy and will provide brilliant protection for years to come.
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